Hello, I'm Jolene and welcome to my website!

Moving my body has always been an important way of expressing myself – whether it be through dance, fitness, or sports.

I am a spirit in action, and as a coach and an athlete – I always encourage people to push a little bit more! More pump, more reps, more power, and if you can push your limits fearlessly by believing in yourself, you'll succeed.

There is magic in looking for more. It isn't about being narcissistic or self-centered, it is about centering yourself. There is freedom in knowing that you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Be the push that tells yourself yes, I can!

How I help people get into the best shape

Designed to get you in the best possible shape of your life, Jolene Ballard gives dynamic workouts focusing on fat burning intervals and strength conditioning for toning even the most stubborn of body fat areas. No workout is the ever same in order to shake and restart your metabolism, build strength and reset. Be ready to kill it with heavy resistance, an intense ab workout and fat burning cardio that will train you athletically! Jolene's workouts will hit all the major and minor muscle groups for the best physique possible in the shortest amount of time. She looks to help you burn about 600 calories per workout! In addition, Jolene provides customized meal plans to make your body a fat and carbohydrate burning machine, provides education so you can understand how your body works, does weekly weigh in's for guaranteed results and is your go-to daily fitness coach! You will be addicted to her fitness and life changing wellness program.

The power is within you-set it free!

– Namaste –
Jolene Matthews

Testimonials from clients

Dear Jolene: Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
Just wanted to let you know "I aced my stress test". My cardiologist said I did great and the improvement was the result of the Cardio workout you give in your Kickbox training. What an improvement after only 8 sessions with you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Barbara Karant
Edgewater, NJ

Hi Jolene,
Needless to say, they LOVED it! And they love you! You are definitely going to get people signing up.
I loved it! I have never taken Zumba before and now I am going to look for a class near me in addition to taking yours!
Some other constructive feedback : They said that having your music made a big difference for the better. They liked the pace and the moves.

Program Manager

Jolene Matthews is a very talented, creative and enthusiastic personal trainer. Each workout is different from the next, and Jolene uses an interesting combination of various equipment as well as your own body weight to create resistance, strength, flexibility and calorie burn. I would recommend Jolene to anyone seeking an effective and efficient workout that is never boring.

Maria C. Mamilovich
Vice President
Affluent Credit Services
Wachovia Bank

Fun, energetic, inspiring plus the benefits of a hard core trainer in one! Jolene's training is truly exciting, challenging, and you will see the results! I have tried others but no one is like Jolene!

Tatiana Teo 
Edgewater, NJ

I was hesitant to sign up with a trainer  but choosing Jolene is the best decision I could have made. She has not only driven me to achieve my goals, but I have never felt better and I see the results.

Roseanne Facchini

My name is Alejandra and I have been training with Jolene for an extended period of time. I love to train with her! She always pushes me to points far beyond my expectations. Jolene alwayshas a smiling face and a positive attitude!

Alejandra Arrechada

Jolene is a terrific trainer! She is enthusiastic and pushes you to exceed what you think you can do. She makes me want to push myself to the fullest extent and leaves me with the feeling that I can't wait for my next session with her1 I actually look forward to getting up at 5:30am for a workout!

Sara Zuckerbraum

I wanted to share a little something about one of Base's great trainers, Jolene. I attended a POPIn event in NYC's UES this past Thursday which was fantastic!! The event was hosted by two women who wrote "Get It" (a book about style and wellness) and Jolene, who contributed a well-written chapter in the book. Jolene also ran the high intensity cardio workout portion of the event. She was given a tiny balcony at The Clare to lead the workout on with about 20 women in attendance and wasn't provided a microphone yet she made it all flow well with a very enthusiastic cardio session. All the attendees LOVED the workout and most of the ladies stayed to meet Jolene and the other two authors after the event. I took quite a few pics and videos and would love to share with your team at Base and maybe it could be posted in a newsletter if possible. I also noticed on Instagram Igor won a medal at an event. Are all trainers promoted in your newsletter in some way? I think it would be great press for Base! And motivating for someone like me who enjoys mixing weight lifting with cardio.
Two days after the event, I could barely move my legs!! I was hobbling around downtown JC buying cat food and this guy asked me if I was OK so I responded - "I am OK. I just had a JMW and am in recovery". He was like "huh?". I didn't tell him JMW = Jolene Matthews Workout.
Have a great day!!

Jolene understood exactly what my needs were and even went one step further in highlighting what she saw as additional needs for my body. After being inactive after having  a baby, Jolene was highly motivating and extremely approachable. She is well versed in cardio, strength training  and boxing, ensuring a a challenging workout with no repetition. Working out with Jolene has become the highlight of my day!

Malak Atut

Hi everyone!!
When Jolene and I first started training together, I knew I was in for a tough but fun road ahead. After a review of how some of the more complicated gym equipment at Base worked, we immediately started the fat burning process with the lifting of heavy weights and a good hard cardio session. Each session is different and focuses on the entire body which Jolene explained leads to fat burning on all parts of the body. Sometimes I just want to stop the session, grab a coffee and chat with Jolene bc I find her to be fun and a good conversationalist but she is every bit a professional so we power through the session. I've lost 7 pounds of body fat in 2 months and my BMI is improving every time she measures me. I bought a medium size black dress at Old Navy the other day which looks lovely on me and now my boyfriend is commenting he is noticing small changes but good changes in my body size. I love that I am stronger too. I noticed this when I was walking around NYC a few weeks ago and didn't feel so exhausted after a few hours like I normally do. Jolene is also helping me make better food choices and her homework is killer!! I never leave a session bored, unfulfilled or sore - well, the next day I sure am sore! Sign of great work out! I also take classes at Base (sculpt) and will start taking her Spin classes to supplement our training sessions.
I appreciate Jolene for her training wisdom (she is a 12 year veteran of the industry), sense of humor and most importantly, her honesty. I love to eat so she has modified her meal plan so that I am not depriving myself of food which would lead me to fail and gain weight back. She is also motivating and creative and engages me during the workout which makes the hour we train together fun but most importantly, successful as evidenced by my weight loss and improvement with endurance. I'm even starting to "like" burpees!!
Thank you!
Sandy B.

Jolene, your story on Bravo TV was a wake up call for me. I suffer from this disease and my family abandoned me, which made my shame greater and recovery slower. Your strength to show your lows and highs are amazing and life saving. Thank you for your contribution to society.


                                        Sarah D

Hi Team
Just wanted to share with you this feedback I just received from one of our members, please see below! I am so excited to get something like this, especially from a member who does come to the gym a lot and takes a lot of classes. Keep up the good work!! 🙂 Please encourage members to email the norwalkctgroupx@gmail.com email address on the mirror so we can keep sharing things like this! 🙂

I've been a member for a year and I really enjoy the group classes... I'm impressed with the new instructors you got to replace the ones which left. I enjoy the following instructor Jolene. I will be renewing my membership because of the quality of the classes...
Marcia E.
Crunch Gym, Norwalk, CT


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Rob has an incredible gift to empower others, especially our youth ! He had the whole room laughing, LEARNING, listening & crying! Rob is extremely passionate about what he does. It was an "extra - special" high energy day! Thank you Rob Fletcher for another ultra "JET FUELED " event !!!...Marygrace Scarpelli
Had a great time at America's Next Great Trainer Red Carpet Event! Way to tap out bullying, Rob!...Jolene Matthews - Celebrity Fitness Trainer
It was such a pleasure to meet you and the whole team yesterday! What an impact you and the entire team are making in the lives of young adults and their families!!!...Paula Brittingham Mele
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I had such an amazing time yesterday with this group of motivated, inspiring, funny and beautiful people (inside and out)! ANGT TV Meet 'n Greet was a true success. Thankful for people wanting to make a difference.... Lora Noyes Warnick - Celebrity & Fashion Photographer